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We think differently

Arc goes beyond what you would expect. With fresh thinking, we’ve created a solution that achieves what couldn’t be achieved before.


We wanted our monitor arm to feel more organic, and less mechanical. We took inspiration from crafted ornaments and tall vases, which gave a more natural silhouette. We chose soft, warm materials where you touch the arm, rather than harsh cold metals.

Capturing movement

Arc is designed to move like you, shadowing your posture and motion throughout your working day. It allows you to effortlessly position your screen at the ideal height, angle and distance for the best possible viewing experience and posture.

User interaction

We designed Arc to move like you. We wanted each and every user to be able to move freely in their work space, without restriction. With zero tools and easy set up, Arc is the perfect partner for any modern office.

Obsessive about detail

Clean lines and an exceptional finish provide a unique and elegant design.  It’s considered form and detailing hide all the mechanisms and cables. The contrasting texture creates a refined and interesting look that sits beautifully in your work space.

White Monitor Arm - Arc
White Arc Monitor Arm - adjuster

Look and feel

We knew we wanted to create something special not only from the mechanical side of how it works but from it’s overall look and feel. It’s elegant form is beautifully finished with soft textured panels that contrast with the high gloss body.

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